Success Stories Made In Greece

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Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe


Organized by MEP Dr. Theodoros Skylakakis


Success Stories Made in Greece


Tuesday 4 December 2012


Room PHS 5B001

European Parliament - Brussels


Four Greek business men will present the international success stories of their companies, which are very well-known around the world. They will break the prejudices and present the productive, innovative and extrovert face of Greece, despite the adverse economic situation. The interventions will be also relevant to the current business and economic situation in Greece and in the EU.


 12:30 Introduction, MEP Dr. Theodoros Skylakakis

12:40 Key note speaker, Commissioner Maria Damanaki


13:00 Efmorfidis Paul, Founder and co-owner of Coco-Mat

         Domazakis Emmanouil, Owner and Chairman of Creta Farm S.A.

         Karatzis Miltiadis, President of Karatzis S.A. group of companies

         George Korres, Founder and Chairman of Korres Natural Products S.A.


13:45 Contributions by

         Wolf Klinz, ALDE MEP

        Daniel Gros, CEPS Director


14:10 Q & A session


A reception with drinks and sandwiches will follow after the event

in front of the meeting room

Interpretation EN & EL

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 For further information and registration

please sent your full name, ID number, date of birth and place of residence

to the following address: 

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